In Muci-Abraham we advise both domestic and international investors in matters of public law, particularly in administrative and tax laws, as well as in regulatory law.

Based on our experience and expertise, we offer our clients qualified advice through the preparation of legal opinions, representation in administrative proceedings as well as judicial proceedings regarding the constitutionality of laws and in cases of expropriations, antitrust, banking, insurance and securities law, consumer and users protection, aviation law, urban planning, environmental and tax law.

Banking, insurance and securities markets

At Muci-Abraham we have a long and rich experience in the world of banking, insurance and securities markets. Several of our members have held positions as directors in a number of banking institutions, exchange houses and insurance companies which has afforded them the opportunity to know the needs of the corporations in this sector.
The Firm offers general consultancy services to its clients, including their relations with administrative agencies. We also represent and advice our clients within the framework of administrative applications and before the authorities or in authorization administrative procedures or any other of a sanctioning nature.

Public hiring

At Muci-Abraham we have given advice to private corporations and to entities of the Public Administration in several matters related to administrative procedures for bids and other rules governing public hiring.

Sanctioning administrative law

Currently, our legal system increasingly regulates with more detail and depth a wide range of sectors and economic activities, establishing limitations and creating control agencies with ample sanctioning powers. Large, medium and small corporations from the most varied industrial and commercial sectors have become intensively regulated by state provisions and agencies in matters of user and consumer protection; customs and national taxes; health, prevention and labor security; industry and commerce, exchange control, air, maritime, river and land transportation of persons and merchandise, domiciled public services, among many other areas.
At Muci-Abraham we constantly advice our clients to adjust their policies and practices to the provisions that regulate their activities, in order to mitigate any risks of administrative illegalities. We further offer advice and representation at the time of execution of any inspections or inquiries started by state organs in matters of cost and price controls; exchange regulation, air, maritime, river and land transportation of persons and merchandise; telecommunications, prevention and labor security and customs and national, state and municipal taxes, among others.

Aeronautical law and commercial aviation

At Muci-Abraham we have ample experience in counseling the international air transportation sector - passengers and cargo - representing our clients in their relations with the regulatory agencies of the aeronautical activity, as well as assistance in judicial actions for civil responsibility and administrative litigation.

Expropriations and state liability

At Muci-Abraham we have offered advice with regard to expropriation measures of national and international investments, as well as other matters related to claims brought before public authorities as a result of the patrimonial damages and infringement that may result from State actions.

Unconstitutionality, scope and interpretation of laws

The Firm offers advice with respect the constitutionality, scope or contents of Laws, Decrees-Laws and Regulations.
We are experienced in litigations matters referred to the unconstitutionality of national laws, as well as law collision conflicts, as representatives of both the public and the private sector.

Free competition

At Muci-Abraham we offer advisory services to our clients in matters related to free competition and antitrust matters. Throughout the years, we have assisted and represented well known national and international corporations dedicated to air transportation, the energy and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as beverage bottling companies, in complex matters subject to debate before the authorities in charge of ensuring free competition and in litigation before the administrative courts.

User and consumer protection

Muci-Abraham offers consultancy services to provide orientation to the manufacturers of goods and the provision of services to adjust their practices and policies to the legal provisions and thus, give proper compliance of the rules and obligations imposed by the special rules that regulate the relations with users and consumers. We also give advice and render representation services in the defense of the rights and interests of our clients with regard to sanctioning administrative procedures filed with regulating entities, as well as in the preparation and follow up of any judicial actions against unfavorable administrative decisions.

Taxes, duties and customs

At Muci-Abraham we offer advice in tax related matters and we offer assistance and representation before the tax and the national, state and municipal customs administration.
The Firm has advised and represented well known local and foreign corporations of the international air transportation – of passengers and cargo – sector, the banking sector, the tobacco industry and the automobile industry and to individuals in diverse tax matters, through the drafting of legal opinions and reports, together with assistance in the preparation, filing and follow up of consultations, declarations and applications or the preparation of administrative and judicial recourses, the design of strategies and the follow up of procedures and trials.

Urbanism and environment

Throughout the years, Muci-Abraham has offered advice to the construction industry and to a number of companies dedicated to the development of complicated tourist and residential facilities in accordance with applicable urbanism and environmental rules and in the defense of its rights and interests in administrative and judicial procedures.
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