Litigation, Commercial and Investment Arbitration
Our attorneys have extensive experience representing and defending the rights and interest of our clients before administrative agencies and constitutional, administrative, tax, commercial and civil courts, designing strategies, preparing actions and taking part in proceedings. We also advise and represent our clients in commercial and investment arbitration cases.

Constitutional injunctions

Constitutional injunctions are mechanisms designed to repair the violation or the threatened violation of fundamental rights. At Muci-Abraham we have represented clients in the defense of their fundamental rights and public liberties though the filing of recourses or defenses resulting from actions for constitutional injunction.

Commercial and investment arbitration

There are times when parties having a conflict or a commercial dispute may decide to submit such matter to an arbitration court instead of an ordinary court. At Muci-Abraham we advice and represent our clients in arbitration procedures, whether as plaintiffs or defendants.
The purpose of bilateral investment treaties is to establish clear rules to protect, benefit and assure the fair and equitable treatment of the foreign investments of private parties among the countries that are parties to the agreement. Many of these treaties include clauses that empower centers of international arbitration and conflict resolution in matters of international investment, to resolve any disputes or differences that may arise with respect to the investments made by the subjects covered by any such treaties. The Firm has collaborated in international investment arbitration procedures on the occasion of expropriation procedures started by the National Executive against foreign investors.

Expropriations and state liability

The constitutional principle of asset intangibility protects and guarantees private property of individuals against expropriations and damages infringed by the State on individuals. At Muci-Abraham we have represented national and international clients in their patrimonial claims resulting from the acts of the public administration, both through previous administrative actions as well as through the filing of judicial actions for patrimonial liability against the State; as well as judicial actions resulting from expropriation measures executed against our clients.

Unconstitutionality, scope and interpretation of laws

At Muci-Abraham we have participated in several trials that have debated to unconstitutionality of national laws, as well as other cases where there is doubt with respect to the interpretation or application of several rules in colliding situations. These controversies fall within the so called concentrated control of the constitutionality of the laws and its competence is attributed to the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. The solid knowledge of our attorneys and their experience in public law litigations qualifies them to render first class advice and judicial representation.

Civil and commercial litigation

The firm also offers its judicial representation services in disputes of private law. At Muci-Abraham we are experienced in the handling of civil trials, family law issues, contract enforcement, prohibitions and evictions, collections, foreclosures, torts, among others; as well as commercial matters, including shareholder disputes, bankruptcy and moratorium procedures regarding commercial obligations and securities.

Tax litigation

The administrative activities performed by national, state and municipal agencies in charge of the tax administration can be judicially controlled through the tax-contentious and administrative-contentious courts. The sanctions and remedies resulting from an alleged violation of formal or material obligations shall comply with the legal/technical and regulatory requirements provided by the laws.
At Muci-Abraham we offer advice and representation services in tax and customs disputes as a result of the imposition of penalties to clients who perform their activities in the most diverse economic sectors, through the design of procedural strategies, the drafting of recourses and continuous follow up until final resolution.

Claims against the public administration

One of the largest areas of expertise of the Firm focuses on litigation regarding control of the actions of the public administration and the defense of the rights and interests of our clients, judicially. At Muci-Abraham we have participated in multiple administrative litigation as representatives of banking institutions, insurance companies and exchange houses; air transportation corporations, the tobacco, tourism, automobile, pharmaceutical industry, among others, as a result of unfavorable measures issued by the administrative authorities.
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